Catgrass (Sweet Oats for Cats) 900 Seeds - Herb From The Dirty Gardener

The Dirty Gardener

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Sweet oats From The Dirty Gardener are easy to grow indoors, year 'round. Studies indicate oat grass aids feline digestion and eliminate hairballs. Whether or not that's true, cats do love to nibble tender, sweet oats. So much in fact that oats are sold as "catgrass." Growing is simple. Fill a shallow bowl or saucer with moist potting soil, sprinkle oats over the soil at about 10 seeds per square inch. Lightly press the seed into the soil Then just set the container on a windowsill, and keep it evenly moist not wet or dry. Germination is in about 5 days. Your only problem will be keeping your cats away from the grass.

  • 900 Seed packet for a cat or a cat-lover you know
  • Sweet Oats are easy to grow indoors.
  • Great Germination in about 5 days.
  • Hard to keep the cat away
  • Fast shipping from The Dirty Gardener

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