The Dirty Gardener Wildcrafted Actaea Rubra, 15 Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

$ 7.54 


15 seeds per packet. Cheery white clusters of flowers lifted above great green leaves on a slender stalk, placing the flowers one foot above the ground, with their leaves as their own frame and backdrop. Flowering lasts a week or two, to be replaced by a long lasting green berry (poison!) that ripens to brilliant red by June. Clumps grow slowly, enlarging each year. Plants grow into large multi-flowered clumps over the years. These are normally found under the shade of oaks and maples in the Santa Cruz Mountains, but any woodland can host them, or so it seems. These seeds have been hand processed to avoid mechanical damage, dried, and stored cold. This is the crop of 2013.A note of caution, the berries are gorgeous, but all parts of the plant are dangerously poisonous and must not be eaten. That includes pets and children!

  • These sustainably wild crafted plants will provide color all summer long
  • Ethereal white flowers above bright green leaves
  • Blooms last approximately 1 to 2 weeks then change to either red or white berries
  • Native to woodlands of Western North America
  • Rarely offered perennial features spring flowering (April-June)

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