Chicken Friendly Grass Seed Mix

The Dirty Gardener

$ 29.99 


The Dirty Gardener believes in home grown chickens and their rich Omega 3 eggs! Whether in the city or in the country you need a "grass" that can hold up to the digging, scratching and excrement a chicken can dish out. You also want something that encourages all the protein rich insects, worms and grubs to make their home here so your wonderful chicks can eat. We package this up in 5# Bags designed to cover 500 Square feet of prepared soil. This mixture of low growing grasses, flowers, brassica and legumes will please the eye and the chickens. It can be mowed or left natural.

  • Ideal for grazing Chicken Habitat
  • Attracts insects
  • Produces nitrogen rich ground for worms
  • Low maintenance
  • Bird Friendly

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