Clover Seed, Crimson

The Dirty Gardener

$ 7.99 


So many good uses for this winter annual legume. Beautiful and useful! This hardy annual is a great nitrogen fixer. Crimson clover needs fairly well-drained soil that is not too acid and has good phosphorous levels. If overwintered, it will be 45 cm (18") tall, with crimson flowers the next June. Use 15 to 20 lbs per acre; (open pollinated seeds). Ours comes coated to improve growth so no innoculant needed.

  • 1 Pound can cover 1000 square feet.
  • Rapid establishment. Easy to grow.
  • Beautiful Crimson flowers. Coated for improved growth.
  • Cover crop, green manure, plow down or just wild flowers.
  • Fast shipping

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