The Dirty Gardener Pheasant's Eye Flowers - 100 Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

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This rare cornfield annual has bright-green finely dissected leaves which are borne on a branched stem that can reach up to 50cm. The distinctive flower with its dark red petals surrounding a central mass of black anthers gives it the appearance of a miniature (15-25mm across) anemone. Flowering is normally from June to July and is followed by an elongated oval seed-head of about 30 olive-green seeds similar in size and shape to grape pips. It can be sown at any time from late August to April but probably the earlier the better. Always sow on calcareous soils that are not too heavy. Apr. 90 seeds per gram. Growing instructions provided with every resealable non-pictorial packet.

  • Every garden needs a splash of red - and crimson pheasant's eyes work well
  • This annual often reseeds itself from year to year
  • Easy to establish and come back year after year
  • Grows up to 16 inches tall and thrives in full to partial sun
  • Good to grow in any type of soil in zones 3-10

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