Concentrated Mosquito Repellant DIY Misting Concentrate Refill for 55 Gallon Systems

The Dirty Gardener

$ 149.99 


This is the most effective mosquito repellent available. Beats the chemical stuff! 

New milder feel and fragrance! Safe for kids and pets!

The most effective and stable natural misting product avaialble. Will not harm system parts or clog nozzles.
This is a repellent, not a killer. It will repel mosquitoes from the areas you want to be. Sometimes, nozzles need to be moved close to the areas you enjoy so that it pushes mosquitoes out. Typically, pyretrhum-based products kills from the outside in.
Approximate dilution is 1 OZ per gallon so a 52 OZ bottle fills the typical drum system.

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