HydroStraw Bonded Fiber Matrix

The Dirty Gardener

$ 28.00 $ 32.00

Erosion Prevention for Steep Slopes
Facilitates Vegetation
More Cost Effective than Blankets
Costs Less to apply Per Acre than Conventional BFM Mulches
Long Natural Fibers for Maximum Matrix Entanglement
(V.E.M.) Vegetation Establishment Mulch
Contains 10% Proprietary Formulated Soil Binding Agents
Contains 10% Natural Fibers for Matrix Entanglement
Load More Spray More – Use Less Water
HydroStraw Bonded Fiber Matrix is designed to be more cost effective than blankets and cost less to apply per acre than conventional BFM mulches on difficult sites, slopes, and adverse soil conditions where extra erosion prevention is needed. The product includes long natural fibers for maximum matrix entanglement for improved performance. The combination of fiber entanglement in conjunction with our cross linked high-strength polymer binders produce great erosion prevention and vegetation establishment.

HydroStraw Bonded Fiber Matrix in field tests has shown that the annually renewable heat and mechanically treated straw fibers in this product improves seed’s germination and vegetation establishment. Research has shown that vegetation is many times better than temporary mulches in erosion prevention. Thereby the ultimate goal is creating an environment for rapid vegetation establishment with seed friendly straw fibers.

HydroStraw Bonded Fiber Matrix consists of annually renewable heat and mechanically treated straw fibers, environmentally safe fibers that are biodegradable, and a non-toxic green colorant to aid in application. Field tests have shown HydroStraw mulch protects soil and enhances seed germination and vegetation establishment as the fibers bio-degrades. (V.E.M. Vegetation Establishment Mulch).

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