Foliar Cal Foliar Liquid calcium Spray 5 Gallons

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FoliarCal is a 100% available calcium blend designed to supplement growing crops calcium needs during vital growth periods throughout the growing season. Easy and economical to use on all crops!

FoliarCal is formulated with a 7% calcium base solution that combines our 100% available liquid calcium with a proprietary blend of micronutrients and surfactants. The delivery system employed in FoliarCal sets our product above all the rest in terms of both quality and plant uptake.

When foliar applied FoliarCal is absorbed by the plant and is translo- cated in the plant. Rapid crop growth can be seen in all stages of plant development and works to increase final crop yield.

FoliarCal is much more than just a regular calcium product. It would be better defined as a crop yield stimu- lant that improves overall plant health and growth.

Calcium Information

Replaces Traditional Lime Products Plant Friendly and will Not Burn Improves Nutrient Uptake Increases Profits Increases Yields

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