Organic Carbon Foliar Spray 5 Gallons

The Dirty Gardener

$ 145.00 $ 185.00


Extreme growth package that is 100% available containing high-end sugars, carbohydrates, and calories designed to supply an increased growth boost for higher quality yields.

Organic Carbon is designed to supply an increased energy boost in times of rapid growth, crop development or times of stress. Fertility product for use as a starter and foliar application for growing crops.

Starter: Apply 32-64oz in the row on the seed.

Higher Quality Yields!

Foliar Apply: 32oz per acre per application. Can be applied with other fertilizer applications. Can also be aerial applied at same rate.

We have the tools you need to take your crop production to the next level! Our product formu- lations represent the very best technologies and nutritional benefits found anywhere.

Soil Apply: 64oz per acre.

OC is just one example of the certified organic fertility products we carry. Visit our website for more information on our other OMRI listed products.

Compatible with most fertilizers and spray materials. Shake or agitate before use. Always jar test before using.

Premium Foliar Fertilizer

Organic Carbon is intended as a supplement to a regular fertilization program and may not, by itself, provide all the nutrients normally required by crops or other plants during the course of the year.

By way of OC’s delivery and availability of its nutrients, plant response to OC has been phenomenal. Below are some of the benefits we have seen:

OC is a powerful concentrate that turns up the plants immune system. It puts the plant into high gear to accelerate growth and enhance overall plant health. It has proven itself to be a game changer when it comes to how we traditionally view plant fertility. Used in the row on the seed, soil applied, or foliar fed OC delivers results!



A significant reason why OC works so well is its delivery system. Other products are never able to fully deliver their nutrients to the plant and are wasted. OC, however, penetrates through the wax layer of the plant leaf in a highly efficient way ensuring all the nutrients are received internally by the plant. This makes all the difference!

OC was engineered to maintain high availability of its proprietary ingredients to the plant. Availability is key. The nutrients in OC are 100% available and perfectly balanced to ensure uniform delivery to the plant. With OC you quite simply get the best product your money can buy!


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