The Dirty Gardener Organic Eschscholzia California Poppy Flowers

The Dirty Gardener

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Annual plant growing to 25-35 cm tall, branched, compact bushes, slender with many gray-green shoots. Colors are bright, white, single, cup-shaped, 5-8 cm in diameter, open only on sunny days. Drought-resistant and resistant to mild frosts. Plant California Poppy seeds during the fall in mild-winter areas (areas where there are above-freezing temperatures) and in the spring in colder regions (areas where there are below-freezing temperatures).

  • This poppy has white petals with vivid yellow centers
  • Medium 2-4 inch flowers wave atop ferny, blue-green foliage
  • Blooms last from spring through summer
  • Drought tolerant and ideal for dry, arid climates or anywhere with low water amounts
  • Gorgeous in cut flower arrangements and press beautifully

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