Andropogon Gerardii Big Bluestem Grass, 300 Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

$ 4.44 


Great seed from The Dirty Gardener. Andropogon gerardii, known also as big bluestem, turkey foot, prairie tallgrass, or simply tallgrass, is a tall grass (Poaceae family) native to much of the great plains and prairie regions of central North America. A warm season native species. Big bluestem (Andropogon gerardii) bulk seed good germination rates fast. Bluestem grass is blue and then turns burgundy red in the fall. Birds love bluestem grass and it makes a wonderful addition to dried arrangements. Bloom time: July - Aug. Hardiness zone: 3 - 9. Light requirements: sun - part shade . . . Soil / water: average - dry.

  • Tall, strong grass which is perfect for prairies and meadows
  • Warm season seed which is native to the Great Plains
  • Easy to grow and requires little maintenance
  • Non-GMO seeds have great germination rates

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