The Dirty Gardener Sorghastrum Secundum Lopsided Indian Grass, 400 Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

$ 2.50 


Lopsided Indian grass is a 3' to 6' tall native perennial warm season bunch grass with distribution restricted to primarily the southeastern coastal plain. This plant prefers dry to medium moisture soils and full sun sites. It is often found in drier flat woods to droughty sand hills and does not persist in areas that are consistently wet. It features an unusual long bronze seed head with the seed dangling from one side of the gracefully arching head. The interesting appearance of the seed head makes this a sought after garden and wildflower meadow plant. Primary use of lopsided Indian grass is for forage, wildlife cover, and erosion control in conservation plantings.

  • Ornamental lopsided Indian grass is a tall, bunching grass
  • Long bronze seed head has seeds dangling from one side of gracefully arching head
  • Highly sought after native perennial often found in drier flat woods to droughty sand hills
  • Grows from 3 to 6 feet tall and prefers full sun
  • Typically used for forage, wildlife cover and erosion control

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