Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade Packed in Various sizes

The Dirty Gardener

$ 6.99 


Natural Product - Safe for Human or Animal Consumption
Food Grade DE - Meets U.S. Food Chemicals Codex Standards
Natural Product - OMRI Listed For Organic Use
No Additives - 100% Pure Freshwater Diatomaceous Earth

Many people are shocked to discover that diatomaceous earth can be used in 100 different ways. This naturally occurring substance is composed of diatoms that have fossilized over millennia in fresh water lakes. As time passed, these fossilized diatoms accumulated into huge deposits. When mined and ground into powder it becomes diatomaceous earth. Not all diatomaceous earth is created equal. Diatomaceous Earth specializes in providing clean, pure and effective food grade DE. Most diatomaceous earth suppliers simply hand scoop DE into zip lock baggies, but we are committed to providing you with diatomaceous earth you can trust. Everything at DiatomaceousEarth is professionally packaged using state of the art stainless steel equipment so you can be confident there aren’t any contaminants in your diatomaceous earth.

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