Dimension 0.25G Granular Pre Emergent 50# Covers 15,000 Square Feet

The Andersons Inc.

$ 99.99 


FEATURES & USE TIPS: • For use on Turf, Landscape Ornamentals and Nursery Ornamentals • Provides preemergent control of crabgrass and other listed annual grasses and broadleaf weeds. •Provides early post emergent crabgrass control in limited conditions. • Consistently sized particles reduce segregation potential Active Ingredient: Dithiopyr (0.25%) works on the following Annual Grasses Barley Barnyardgrass Bluegrass, annual Brome Crabgrass, large Crabgrass, smooth Crabgrass, southern Crowfootgrass Dallisgrass (seedling) Foxtail, giant Broadleaf Weeds Foxtail, green Foxtail, yellow Goosegrass Kikuyugrass Oats, wild Ryegrass (annual & perennial) Parsley-piert Pigweed, redroot Pineappleweed Purslane, common Rocket, London Shepherdspurse Speedwell, corn Spurge, garden Spurge, prostrate Spurge, spotted Woodsorrel, creeping Woodsorrel, yellow and more.

  • Dimension pre and post emergent weed control
  • Granular composition
  • 50# Bulk Bag covers 15,000 Square Feet or more
  • For use in Turf, Landscape and nursery.
  • Fast shipping from The Dirty Gardener

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