Dryland Wildflower Seed 1# Pound From The Dirty Gardener

The Dirty Gardener

$ 32.99 


This is a comprehensive mixture of both perennial and annual flower seeds that flourish in full sun and minimal rainfall. The Dirty Gardener has made selections of the finest dryland wildflowers for this mix. You can't go wrong. A selection of drought tolerant annuals and perennials for areas with hot, dry summers. GENUS/SPECIES COMMON NAME TYPE COLOR HEIGHT INCHES BLOOM PERIOD Achillea millefolium White Yarrow P W 12-36" S, Centaurea cyanus Bachelor Button A B 24-36" S, Cheiranthus allionii Siberian Wallflower B/P O 10-18" Sp, Chrysanthemum maximum Shasta Daisy P W 16-24" S, Coreopsis tinctoria Plains Coreopsis A Y/R/O 24-36" S-F, Cosmos bipinnatus Cosmos Sensation Mix A W/Pi/R/Ro 36-48" S-F, Cosmos sulphureus Sulphur Cosmos A Y/O 30-40" S-F, Dianthus barbatus Sweet William P W/Pi/R 12-24" S, Dimorphotheca aurantiaca African Daisy A O/W 8-16" S-F, Eschscholzia californica California Poppy TP Y/O 12-18" Sp-S, Gaillardia aristata Blanketflower P Y-R 18-30" S, Gaillardia pulchella Indian Blanket A Y-R 12-24" S, Gypsophila elegans Baby's Breath A W 8-18" S, Linaria maroccana Spurred Snapdragon A Pi/Y/V 12-24" Sp-S, Linum lewisii Blue Flax P B 18-30" Sp-S, Lobularia maritima Alyssum TP W 8-16" Sp-F, Papaver rhoeas Corn Poppy A R 24-36" S, Ratibida columnifera Prairie Coneflower B/P Y 12-24" S, Rudbeckia hirta Black Eyed Susan A/B/P Y 24-36" S-F, Silene armeria Catchfly A/B Pi 18-24" S, SEEDS/LB: 466,500

  • Dryland Selection of perennial and annual wildflowers
  • Flourish with minimal rainfall
  • Brilliant display of colors during various season
  • Fast shipping from the Dirty Gardener

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