BioSafe Systems Mold & Mildew Control Spray, 32 Ounces

BioSafe Systems LLC

$ 29.99 


Bio Safe Mold & Mildew Control works on contact to keep roofing, siding, walkways, patios, decks, garden furniture and more looking clean and pristine from unsightly mold and mildew growth. Its powerful formula is more effective and environmentally responsible than harsh chlorine-bleach or heavy-metal copper and phosphate-based products. Effective on all types of mold and mildew, this is the one product for all hard surfaces around the home.

  • Reach for this ready-to-use spray to treat mold and mildew on plants
  • Begins working immediately
  • Hooks up to a hose
  • OMRI listed and meets National Organic Program standards
  • EPA registered

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