EARLY SUNGLOW Corn Seed - 1LB From The Dirty Gardener

The Dirty Gardener

$ 17.99 


The Dirty Gardener know's its corn. While we typically sell mostly Heirloom Seed Corn, We do like this buttery variety. Produces sweet, buttery, sunny-yellow kernels on 7-8" ears weeks before the rest. Easy to grow, vigorous and tolerant of cooler soils. 63 days. GENERAL GROWING INFORMATION 70deg;F-75deg;F soil temperatures at planting. Sowing: Sow seeds directly in the garden in spring after soil has warmed. Does best in deeply cultivated soil that is high in nitrogen. To aid pollination, avoid planting in a single row. For succession, plant every 3 weeks until early summer. Care: Water generously and fertilize when plants are 12-18" (30-45cm) tall. Harvest: Pick when silks turn brow. Test by piercing a kernel with thumbnail to see if it spurts a milky juice. Your Health: Good source of several vitamins and minerals.

  • Hybrid Seed Corn
  • Sweet buttery taste
  • 63 Days to Maturity
  • Great Germination
  • Fast shipping from The Dirty Gardener

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