Medium Red Clover, 5 Pounds

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Medium red clover (also known as double-cut) is a short-lived perennial, 2-3 years and usually produces 2-3 cuttings of hay or silage per year with the most aggressive growth in the spring. Medium red clover is an aggressive establisher and can be seeded alone or in mixtures with grasses, frost or dormant seeded into an existing stand. Forage quality is comparable to alfalfa under similar harvest schedule, however, intake by the consuming animal is generally greater for alfalfa than medium red clover. Medium red clover quality does not decline as rapidly with maturity as alfalfa. Plant red clover in fall or early spring. It requires moisture throughout the growing season for optimum performance. Harvest should begin when the plants are in 20% bloom stage. Soil pH levels should be between 5.5 to 7.0 for best performance. Sow the seeds at the time and rate specified for each variety listed. All legumes should be planted 1/4 to 1/2" deep. Red clover seeds grow best on medium to well drained soils with adequate levels of fertility.

  • Flowering red clover is as cute as it is functional
  • Produces small, reddish-pink blooms atop fern-like foliage
  • Helps loosen soil, boost its nitrogen levels and helps prevent soil erosion
  • Popular forage plant for cattle, horses and wildlife
  • Grows well in heavier, well-drained soils - avoid dry and sandy soils

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