Evening Primrose Flower Seed 1# From the Dirty Gardener

The Dirty Gardener

$ 18.99 


We love flowers that like to take naps! One of the most startling wildflower displays on the prairie occurs when this species blooms in late spring. Packing vivid yellow blossoms over five inches across, Evening Primrose really turns heads! It can commonly be seen on road cuts and other rough ground, which makes it even more noticeable since there is no competing vegetation to block the view. This species is a perennial with a fairly short bloom period. Its flowers may be seen in May and June, with the peak being mid-May in Kansas. The individual flowers are only around for a day or so, which is common for most members of the evening primrose family. They first open in the evening and wither the following day. Pollination of this species is done by large hawkmoths and possibly also by hummingbirds. The flowers of the evening primrose family typically have a large X-shaped pistil (red arrow), which projects beyond the stamens. This distinctive feature is very easily seen with a close look at any blossom.

  • Late spring bloomer
  • Closes in the evening
  • 1 full Pound of seed
  • Fast shipping from the Dirty Gardener

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