The Dirty Gardener Heirloom Rutgers Tomato, 50 Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

$ 0.58 


Heirloom Tomatoes are just what their name implies. They have been handed down, through generations of farmers and gardeners, from family member to family member. Many of these tomato varieties are known to have thrived since the 1800Õs. Unlike hybrids, they are not selectively bred for taste or appearance. They are open-pollinated, growing true to type plants, like their predecessors, from seed. Heirloom Tomato Plants will add nontraditional color and pleasing variety to your garden harvest.

  • Grow your own vegetable garden with these quality seeds
  • The Rutgers produces several deep red tomatoes per plant
  • Has a unique, tangy-sweet flavor perfect for eating in salads
  • Easy to grow and requires little maintenance
  • Non-GMO seeds with no filler content

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