The Dirty Gardener Linum Perenne Blue Flax

The Dirty Gardener

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This beautiful wildflower is very easy to grow from seed. Performs like a classic perennial--very minor leaf growth the first year, and then the full blooming plant in seasons thereafter. Blue flax is often just grown for its beauty, but also has several other important uses. It is commonly used to prevent erosion, for forage crops for livestock, linseed oil, and textiles (fabric). It has a long blooming period of 6 weeks, and attracts bees, birds, and butterflies. Native to plains regions, but can be grown in all regions. Adaptable, but prefers loose, sandy soil. Prefers full sun. Bloom time: may - sept. Hardiness zone: 4 - 9 (and reseeds itself easily). Light requirements: sun . . . Soil / water: average - dry.

  • Sweet little blue flower provides a burst of early spring color
  • Native to plains regions but can grow almost anywhere
  • Adaptable, but prefers loose sandy soil and full sun
  • Grows from 2 to 3 feet tall and have great germination rates

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