Flexmastic Caulk and Patch Sealant- Single Tubes


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Basic Description 7518 is a solvent type, modified elastomeric brush/roller grade mastic formulated to provide weather resistance, flexibility and ease of application. Dries to a tough elastic water resistant sealer. 7518 is also available in a fibered form - 7518 F. Uses Used as a sealant and caulking for weatherproofing seams, joints and cracks for repairing roofs, flashings, vents, copings, drainpipes, eaves, skylights and parapet walls. Also used for cementing down loose shingle tabs, embedding glass, lubricating and sealing pipe threads Limitation Prolonged exposure to ponded water and direct sunlight will discolour 7518. For best results, use Glasscloth re-enforcing mesh for trowel applications or in moving joints over frac14;" in width. Do not use in contact with polystyrene insulation. Physical Properties Colour - Black Density - 1.25 kg per litre or 10.4lb. per U.S. gallon Approximate coverage - 6mm (1/4") thickness - 68 kg per 10 square meters (140 lbs per 100 square feet) 3mm (1/8") thickness - 34 kg per 10 square meters (70 lbs per 100 square feet) Dry to Touch - Approximately 4 hours Dry to Firm - 48 hours Service Temperature - Upper limit 820C or 1800F Shelf Life - Up to 24 months Preparatory Work Surfaces must be sound, dry, clean and free from rust, loose paint, dust, dirt and grease.

  • Great rubberized sealant
  • 1 convenient tubes
  • Great for repairing boats, windows or roofing.
  • Fast shipping

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