Chrysanthemum Maximum Alaska Shasta Daisy Wildflowers - 6,000 Seeds

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Shasta daisy "Alaska" is a 2' to 2.5' tall introduced perennial. It features large daisy-like flowers with white petals (ray flowers) and yellow centers (disc flowers). This is an easy to establish, low maintenance plant, preferring dry to medium moisture soils and requires full sun sites. Shasta daisy starts flowering in June and the flowering time can be extended by removing spent flower heads. The large white flowers and long-lasting bloom make this plant an often used species for perennial borders and cut plant gardens. Perennial. Attractive large single white daisy flowers with yellow centers. Ideal for perennial and landscape borders. Popular as a cut flower. 24-32 inches. Very large 3" flowers are white with yellow centers, on long stems. Germination: 2-3 weeks 70 f.

  • Everyone loves daisies brightening up their gardens
  • Hardy perennials which form dense colonies once established
  • Naturalized throughout all regions of the U.S. and prefer full to partial shade
  • Can grow from 1 to 3 feet in height depending on soil
  • Great as ground cover or border plant since foliage is attractive and green all year

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