Jack's Classic Blossom Boosteer 10-30-20 and All Purpose 20-20-20 Fertilizers, 1.5 Pounds Each

J.R. Peters Inc

$ 33.04 


A great combo for less. We combined the grow and bloom fertilizer for your convenience. Each container is 1.5lbs. Grow Formula: 20-20-20 analysis. A balanced blend of Nitrogen- Phosphorus and potassium with fully chelated trace elements that work well on all plant materials as a general-purpose fertilizer. Indoors it is especially effective on foliage plants to keep leaves green and healthy. Feeds through both the roots and the leaves. Use on all indoor and outdoor plants- trees- shrubs- vegetables- and turf. Bloom Formula: 10-30-20 analysis. Professional formula for more flowers and brighter colors on all indoor and outdoor plants. Feeds through both the roots and the leaves. Use on- Geraniums- Impatiens- Begonias- Marigolds- and all other indoor and outdoor flowering plants.

  • Get both Jack's Classic Blossom Booster and All Purpose fertilizers for one low price
  • One of the most popular and trusted brands on the market
  • Great for all stages of growth from planting through harvest
  • Feeds through the roots and leaves
  • Order comes with 1.5 pound tubs of both products

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