Cimarron Plus Range and Pasture Herbicide with Metsulfuron Methyl


$ 48.26 


Cimarron Plus made by DuPont along with one pint of Surfactant. This is one of the newer herbicides on the market for the control of a huge range of weeds. This product is labeled for use on pastures, rangeland, and established grasses on acres enrolled in the conservation program. The number of broadleaf weeds which this product will control when used properly is pretty amazing. Please refer to label for weeds controlled. You can even control some of the nasty Bahia grass with this product. The application rate for this product ranges from .125 ounces per acre to 1.25 ounces per acre. So with a lot of the weeds you can spray out 16 acres with one bottle. This product is a dry flowable so it has a great shelf life when kept in a dry environment. Please look at the label to see all the great features this product possesses.

  • Protect gardens, lawns and landscaping with quality herbicides
  • Use to control weeds both before they emerge and after
  • Broadleaf herbicide to be used with care not to kill desired grasses
  • Available in different sizes to suit your needs
  • Refer to product label for any local use restrictions

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