The Dirty Gardener Rutgers Vf Tomato Seeds, 175 Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

$ 1.60 


Rutgers vf tomato seeds: 80 days. High yields of firm, meaty fruits. An exceptional fine mild flavor. Medium-large determinate vines. Package contains approximately 175 Rutgers vf tomato seeds. Rutgers vf tomato seeds - planting instructions: germination: 7 to 10 days at 75 to 85 f. Plant seeds 1/4 of an inch deep, 24 inches apart with 3 feet between plants.

  • Grow your own vegetable garden with these quality seeds
  • The Rutgers produces several deep red tomatoes per plant
  • Has a unique, tangy-sweet flavor perfect for eating in salads
  • Easy to grow and requires little maintenance
  • Heirloom non-GMO seeds with no filler content

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