The Dirty Gardener Betula Occidentalis Water Birch Trees, 500 Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

$ 15.34 


The Water Birch Tree, also known as the American Red Birch, is a handsome, small 20 to 30 foot tall, shrubby tree. Other Names: Red Birch. Soil Type: Water birch occurs on a wide variety of soil textures. Coarse-textured soils are most common, and most soils containing at least 35 percent rock fragments. Zones: 4 to 6. Germination Range: 40-60%. Stratification Requirement: Sow non stratified seed under glass or cold moist stratify 60 days and slightly bury the seed.

  • Nothing brings value to properties than beautiful trees
  • Great tree to start from seed due to the rapid growth the first few years
  • Grows from 30 to 40 feet tall
  • Can grow in most soils, including rocky
  • Does best in zones 4-6

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