The Dirty Gardener Callistephus Chinensis Shaggy Daisy China Aster Crego Mix

The Dirty Gardener

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Choose from: Pkt. Size 1,000+ Seeds for $1.00. 1oz 17,500+ Seeds for $8.00. 4oz 70,000+ Seeds for $22.00 LB. 140,000+ Seeds for $38.00. 1 LB 280,000+ Seeds for $62.00. Aster Flower Seeds. Callistephus chinensis. CREGO MIX: This beautiful mixture features large, double, blue, red, pink, white, peach and lavender shaggy chrysanthemum-type flowers, that bloom atop of 2-foot-tall graceful plants, throughout the summer and well into the Fall! They are long-lasting in the garden and in fresh flower arrangements. Plant them directly into the garden in the Spring, or start indoors 6 - 8 weeks earlier. In warmer climates, may also be planted outdoors September - February! TYPE: Annual. USES: Mid-Garden & Dry Arrangements. LIGHT: Sun. HEIGHT: 24 - 30". BLOOMS: Summer to Fall. COLOR: Mixed Germination: Seeds usually take 7 to 14 days to sprout. Transplant: When danger of frost is over, transplant to garden as close as 6" apart. Soil and Light: Keep soil evenly moist but not soggy. Aster will need plenty of water during hot spells. Plant will self-seed for the next season.

  • Late-blooming aster cregos keep color in your gardens well into fall
  • Comes with pink, blue, purple and white varieties
  • Re-seeds year after year
  • Grow well in most climates but do require soil to be moist

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