The Dirty Gardener Winter Blend Cover Crop Seeds, 1 Pound

The Dirty Gardener Company

$ 9.99 


The The Dirty Gardener winter cover is an excellent soil conditioner, biomass producer, root starter and much more that will die off over the winter in most regions. Not much to do here but toss on the seed and start planning for next spring. The entire blend will winter kill giving you a nice underground biomass, decaying organic nitrogen fix in the spring and a perfect ground cover to plant into in the spring. For more southern climates, the blend could survive winter, but no worries. A low mow down and then you can flip or surface till the matter in for a nice green manure. Planting after prepping your plot, the seed can be broadcast on by hand or spreader. Make sure to plan on even distribution. If possible, rake to incorporate the seeds into to the soil for better contact. Next spring this mix consists of seeds that will grow until the first frost and then die at prolonged temperatures below freezing. In the spring, they will decay and release the nutrients they sequestered or made in the fall. Depending on your garden size and how you handle your plot, you can do any of the following: apply an even layer of compost and then tarp your garden for increased decay (see how to); surface till your plot at a low setting so to flip your cover crops in as green manure; remove any heavy or dense cover and simply plant directly into the remaining cover crop. This "no-till" method is extensively use in progressive commercial farming settings.

  • Awesome cover mix used on soils over the winter months
  • Conditions soil for spring and produces biomass
  • Serves as an excellent root starter which will die off over the winter
  • Speeds decaying organic matter providing an organic nitrogen fix for the spring
  • Mix contains no-till seeds - simply scatter and allow to grow

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