Boothill Rodent Pellet Place Packs, 150 Count


$ 102.04 


BootHill pellets place packs provide a pre-measured amount of rodenticide reducing waste for maximum economic savings. They work best in locations where bait needs to be protected from contamination or moisture until the rodents find it and consume it. Keys to rodenticide performance: Allows proper placement in hard-to-reach baiting locations. Special place pack film keeps pellets fresh until consumed by rodents. BootHill pellets place packs eliminate user exposure during placement. Features & Benefits: Works well where moisture is a concern. Whole food-grade grains make it the number one taste preferred by rats and mice. USDA authorized for rodent control in federal inspection programs. Contains Vitamin K Antidote - same as all other anticoagulants. Can be placed indoors and outdoors in bait stations for maximum baiting flexibility. Bulk Pellets are labeled for baiting Norway Rat burrows - the most effective way to eliminate infestations. Read complete label directions and restrictions here.

  • Perfect way to get rid of pesky rat and mice problems
  • Pellet Place are single-feed, second-generation anticoagulant baits
  • Offers superior palatability and maximum label flexibility
  • No need to open place packs or touch bait - simply place and the rats do the rest
  • Self-contained packs are perfect in areas were moisture or contamination are problems

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