Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seed Argyreia Nervosa

The Dirty Gardener

$ 6.99 


These are true Argyreia Nervosa seeds, we have seen vendors trying to pass very similar seeds off as Agyreia Nervosa. If the seeds are a consistant light brown color with no skins at all then they are not Agyrea Nervosa, if they are a solid black in color then they are not Agyreia nervosa or Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds. There are MANY different varieties of "HBWR" seeds, but only one Argyreia nervosa.

Our seeds are so popular we have a hard time keeping them stocked.  Ours are always the highest germination.

Due to the volume we sell, our stock is never older than the last harvest!!

These are ugly seeds that sprout (almost effortlessly, almost anywhere), into a beautiful flowering vine. That is why we insist you know your local laws as some states consider these are an invasive species and it is unlawful to plant outside in some states similar to morning glory seeds. As long as you keep your seeds inside, you can enjoy this plant is all 50 states.

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