Hybrid Bodacious Sweet Corn- 1# Bulk Pound Seed

The Dirty Gardener

$ 15.49 


Bodacious Sweet Corn Hybrid- The Dirty Gardener prefers it lightly salted and dripping with butter!! Great for fresh, freezing or canned. Sugar-Enhanced corn is creamier and more tender than Super Sweet, with stronger old-fashioned corn flavor, yet is sweeter than regular Sweet hybrids. This delicious variety retains its sweetness for up to 10 days after harvest. No isolation from other corn is needed. Seed Planting Information: ?Planting Depth - 1 1/2" ?Seed Spacing - 4-6" ?Spacing Between Rows - 30-36" ?Days to Germination - 5-10 ?Spacing after Thinning - 8-12" ?Days to Maturity - 75

  • Sugar enhanced
  • Big yields
  • No isolation needed
  • Great Staying power
  • Fast shipping from The Dirty Gardener

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