Amberboa Moschata Sweet Sultan Flower Imperialis Mix - 200 Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

$ 1.96 


Amberboa moschata (common name sweet sultan) [2] is a southwest Asian species of plants in the sunflower family. It is native to turkey, Iraq, Iran, and the Caucasus. It is also widely cultivated in many places as an ornamental, and is reportedly naturalized in parts of china and North America. The Dirty Gardener offers the highest quality seed. We pack seeds weekly to ensure great germination from the newest yearÕs crop seed. We strive to sell all Non-GMO seeds of the highest quality. For planting instructions please contact us directly as everyone has a different need for their use.

  • Fantastic flower to add to gardens for a touch of soft sweetness
  • Annual is easy-to-grow and attracts butterflies and bees
  • Large, round powderpuff-like blooms are multi pastel colors and have a sweet fragrance
  • Gorgeous in bouquets and cut flower arrangements
  • Grows well in full sun and best in zones 7 to 10

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