The Dirty Gardener Campanula Carpatica Bellflower Flowers, 5 Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

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Campanula carpatica is a species of the bellflower, so named as its origin is in the Carpathian Mountains of Europe. It often is called the Carpathian harebell, the Carpathian bellflower or the Tussock bellflower. The flowers tend to grow in small clumps with blue (Blue Clips) or white (White Clips) flowers. The flowers and leaves are edible. The flowers are often used in salads while the leaves, though edible when raw, are usually cooked and added to stews. They are best grown in full sun though also will do well in partial shade. Although not a terribly large plant in terms of height (6" to 8"), the flowers, which are upturned forming small cups, blossom at the end of wiry stems and make fine cut flowers. The blossoms are typically between 1 and 2 inches wide. The Campanula carpatica varieties are for the most part disease and pest resistant, and easy to care for.

  • This sweet little flower is both beautiful and functional
  • Blossoms grow in small clumps and are perfect for borders or rock gardens
  • Use blossoms in salads and eat the leaves either raw or stewed
  • Easy to grow, low maintenance and mostly disease and pest resistant
  • Thrive in full sun but also do well in partial shade

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