The Dirty Gardener Herb Borage

The Dirty Gardener

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Borage, (Borago officinalis) also known starflower has stunning blue star-shaped flowers that hang in clusters, its leaves are covered with rigid white hairs. The bright flowers attract the bees who rely on borage as a nectar supply and can cover the plants. The flowers can be used as decoration in cool drinks in the summer. The leaves have a refreshing, mild cucumber flavor and can be used as a garnish in salads, dips and soups.

  • This edible flower is as beautiful as it is functional
  • Produces vivid blue, honey-tasting blooms and leaves with the flavor of cucumbers
  • Considered a good companion plant for tomatoes, squash and strawberries
  • Attracts pollinating bees which produces higher garden yields
  • These seeds are non-GMO and certified organic

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