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Illinois Bundleflower Desmanthus illinoensis Mimosa family (Mimosaceae) Description: This is a perennial plant about 2-4' tall that is either unbranched or sparingly so. The central stem is light green, grooved, and either glabrous or sparsely pubescent. The alternate compound leaves are bipinnate and up to 8" long; they have a ferny appearance. Each compound leaf has 8-12 pairs of even-pinnate leaflets; each even-pinnate leaflet consists of 20-40 pairs of closely spaced subleaflets. Individual subleaflets are about 1/8" (3 mm.) long and about one-third as much across; they are light to medium green, lanceolate-oblong in shape, ciliate along their margins, and sessile (or nearly so). The rachises (central stalks) of the compound leaves are whitish green from fine hairs and they are grooved along their upper sides. The Dirty Gardener is a hard working group of folks dedicated to quality products and impeccable service. We eat, sleep and breath outdoor products for the home and garden. We are inventors, creators and stewards of our environment. Every product we sell has been tested, used, abused and approved by our small staff of enthusiasts and often by our friends! We unconditionally guarantee all our products so if you are for any reason not 100% satisfied you can exchange it or return it for your money back. Additionally we offer a lifetime warranty on any of our tools. Our Seeds are all non GMO varieties and preferably Heirloom. Nothing but the highest purity and germinations are tolerated. We custom pack weekly to ensure quality in our products. You the consumer can have peace of mind knowing we are just as tired of you as buying products we were not 100% satisfied with. You will not find this here.

  • Bulk Illinois Bundleflower
  • Prairie Mimosa, Illinois Bundleflower, Spider Bean Desmanthus illinoensis
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