Incredible Sweet Corn Seed 1# From The Dirty Gardener

The Dirty Gardener

$ 14.99 


Based on taste you will agree this is one of the best corns on the market. We sell very few F1 Varieties but can't resist offering this one. Sweetcorn 'Incredible' F1 - The name says it all - Heavy cropping, reliable, with a superb taste. A sugar enhanced mid-season variety. It is a yellow, 85 day sweetcorn. It grows 8 feet tall, stays sweet long, and has dark green husks and a large 22cm (9in) ear with superior eating quality. Incredible is excellent for home garden, fresh market, roadside stand and shipping. With good husk protection, a very green husk and flag leaves. Incredible's wide adaptability has made it the most popular homozygous sugar enhanced variety in the world. This is a favorite sweetcorn of The Dirty Gardener, not only for its great pollination (skips in the cobs are very rare), but also for its keeping ability. It keeps quite well on the stalks, takes longer to get starchy and keeps very well in freezer. The taste is exceptional even after a year in the chest freezer. With big ears and a beautiful yellow colour -It's my new favorite!

  • Great Sweet Taste
  • Sugar Enhanced variety
  • 85 Days to Maturity
  • Great Germination
  • Fast shipping from The Dirty Gardener

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