Sanco Crystal Plex Lake and Pond Algae Control, 1 Gallon


$ 49.00 


Step 3 of a 4 step program, crystal plex is a liquid copper sulfate used to control and eliminate many forms of algae. Stays active for up to 30 days. Holds no irrigation or consumption restrictions, and it's safe for fish, livestock and waterfowl when applied per label directions. Best results when applied with broadcast spray from April through September. Only treat a portion of the pond at a time to prevent oxygen depletion. 1 gallon treats 1-acre pond 1-foot to 3-feet deep. Do not use in koi, goldfish or trout ponds.

  • Copper sulfate has several uses, including as a fertilizer to treat copper deficiency in soil
  • Safely and easily kills algae and roots
  • Also use to spot treat along docks, beaches, boats, launches and fishing areas
  • 1 gallon of liquid formula treats 1 acre pond 1-foot to 3-feet deep
  • Do not use in koi, goldfish or trout ponds

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