K9 Yard Turf Grass Patch and Yard Repair for the Pet Owner

K9 Turf Products

$ 7.99 


Custom designed lawn patch that organically neutralizes pet urine and conditions your soil, with premium grass seed to patch any bare spots. Keep your beloved dog out of trouble with this comprehensive, rapid-growing, perennial grass seed mixture. This will repair your damaged spots and turn your lawn into the showcase it used to be before your little critter changed things. Dark green grasses flourish with this mixture of gypsum and perennial grasses to quickly regrow your yellow spots into lush green turf.  

Naturally helps prevent and restore burn spots caused from dog urine by helping balance PH in soils and building a stronger root system. Used as an all year lawn fertilizer for maintaning your grasses nitrogen and PH levels for all seasons. One bag covers 250 Square feet. 100% Satisfaction or your money back.

  • Prevents and restores burn spots caused from Dog Urine by helping balance PH in soils and building a stronger root system.
  • Compete lawn fertilizer and turf builder for thicker, greener lawns.
  • Helps restore and grow grass under pine trees/ covers over 250 Square Feet.
  • Safe in areas frequented by children and pets. Over 50% Organic.
  • Only product of it's type on the market today.
  • Rapid fast green grass seed grows just about anywhere
  • Unique blend of premium naturalized seed matches most lawns

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