The Dirty Gardener 10 Inch x 20 Foot The Quick Dam Water Curb

Quick Dam

$ 366.58 


The quick dam water curb is intended for moderate rainfall or other unexpected sources of steady water flow. Simply decide where to place the water curb for diversion and fill using a standard garden hose. Double or triple the length by overlapping the water curbs by a few inches in front or behind to prevent water from seeping in between. The water curb can be used in extreme cold conditions, recommend filling no more than 3/4 capacity to allow for expansion and can also be treated with anti-freeze to avoid freezing. A couple of other known uses are as anchor weights to secure items during windy situations and also as a transport of non-pottable water for its sleek non-bulky design. Product care: water curbs are made out of a 10 mil durable, chemical and temperature resistant polyurethane material. Although very durable they're still subject to punctures, take care not to drag or place over sharp objects. Punctures can be repaired with a patch repair kit. Keep dry and in a convenient location.

  • Takes the place of sandbags with no lifting
  • Re-usable polyurethane bladder which is easy to fill with water
  • Contains, controls and diverts unwanted water preventing household and land damage
  • Heavy duty construction will last years with no cleanup
  • No bio-degradable concerns - simply empty, store and reuse

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