The Dirty Gardener Cosmos Bipinnatus Cosmos Wildflowers

The Dirty Gardener

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Some common names for clarkia include farewell to spring, rocky mountain garland, satin flower, Mexican aster and godeitia. Cosmos bipinnatus, commonly called the garden cosmos or Mexican aster, is a medium sized flowering herbaceous plant native to Mexico. The species and its varieties and cultivars are popular as an ornamental plant in temperate climate gardens. It can also be found in natural areas in much of North America, where it is a 'garden escapee'-introduced species and in some habitats becoming a pest weed. Flowering is best in full sun, although partial shade is tolerated. The plant is tolerant to drought after germination, and is seldom subject to insect or disease damage.

  • This bright and showy flower is loved the whole world over
  • Cosmos provide color all season long
  • Thrives in almost any climate and soil condition
  • Grows up to 6 feet tall and prefers full sun but will do well in shade
  • Drought tolerant and resistant to disease and insects

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