Coretect Tree & Shrub Insecticide Tablets, 250 Count

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Description: CoreTect Tree and Shrub Tablets Insecticide is formulated to provide consistent delivery of active ingredient over time. Release of active ingredient is dependent on presence of adequate soil moisture. For best results, irrigate the plant after treatment, and ensure that the plant receives regular irrigation for at least 2-3 months after treatment. CoreTect is economical and easy to use. When treating established or newly planted trees and shrubs use 2-3 CoreTect tablets per inch of trunk diameter or per foot of shrub height. CoreTec will give a yearly protection against insects that would chew, suck or bite treated shrubs and trees. Product Features: 2.5-gram tablets with 20% active ingredient plus fertilizer Systemic action with same ingredient as Merit Slow release for extended insect control Active ingredient causes plants to better tolerate environmental stress such as heat, drought and poor soil conditions Great for newly planted trees and shrubs or on existing landscapes CoreTect Tree and Shrub Tablets Insecticide will control or significantly reduce populations of insects that attack containerized, newly-planted, and established trees. For trees and shrubs grown in landscapes and interior scapes for more than one year, CoreTect Tree and Shrub Tablets Insecticide will in some cases provide control of insects for up to two years. The tablet also has been shown to improve survival and growth rates of newly established seedlings, containerized trees and shrubs, and newly-planted and well-established ornamental plants.

  • CoreTect is a time release insecticide for trees and shrubs
  • Can help provide insect control for up to 2 years
  • Contains the following active ingredients: midacloprid, nitrogen, phosphate, potash, sulfur, magnesium and molybdenum
  • Plant should be properly watered after treatment
  • Not for Sale: CT, ME, WA, NJ, NY, OR, AK, CA, HI

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