The Dirty Gardener Anaphalis Margaritacea Pearly Everlasting Flowers, 1,000 Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

$ 3.99 


Common Name(s): Pearly Everlasting. Scientific Name: Anaphalis margaritacea (margaritacea means "pearly" in Greek). General Info: Pearly Everlasting is a rhizomatous perennial growing to 2 feet high, with woolly, silvery green, usually unbranched flower stems. It dies to its roots each winter and springs to life in the spring. Some call it a weed but we hope more of us will now call it "intentionally supported and propagated. Native/ Non-native: Native throughout most of the US.

  • These sweet flowers are native to the United States
  • Stunning addition to flower and rock gardens
  • Plant once and these flowers will come back year after year
  • Grows up to 2 feet tall

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