The Dirty Gardener Wildflower Ox-Eye Daisy Flowers - 8,000 Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

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Ox-eye daisy is a familiar and attractive grassland perennial and our largest native member of the daisy family. Flowers bloom from May to September. Ox-eye daisy is commonly known as moon daisy or dog daisy. Young leaves eaten as a salad in Italy. Grow's easily from seeds that are sown at any time of the year. Its natural habitat is in hay meadows and roadsides.

  • Everyone loves daisies brightening up their gardens
  • Large, robust blooms last for months from spring into fall
  • This Ox-Eye variety can grow up to 3 feet high
  • Perennial daisy which spreads through re-seeding and creeping roots
  • Grows best in full to partial sun

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