Kelp Meal- 1# From The Dirty Gardener

The Dirty Gardener

$ 9.49 


The Dirty Gardener is big on organic fertilizers and conditions and will suggest these ideas over synthetic fertilizer every day of the week and any chance we get. If you do nothing else to your soil this year, apply Kelp Meal. It contains nutrients from A to Z, conditions the soil, builds soil life, retains moisture and stimulates root and plant growth. It also improves yields and reduces the effect of drought and frost. Kelp Meal is made from dehydrated Ascophylum nodosum seaweed. Because it isn't water soluble, the nutrients must be released by microbial activity. Therefore, allow two weeks for Kelp Meal to become available to plants.

  • 100% Bulk Kelp
  • ORMI Listed (organic)
  • Custom packed per order
  • Ascophylum nodosum seaweed
  • Fast Shipping From The Dirty Gardener

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