The Dirty Gardener Riviera Bermuda Grass Seed, 25 Pounds

The Dirty Gardener

$ 399.71 


Riviera is a revolutionary new product developed by the Oklahoma State University Turf Grass Development team, with financial support from the United States golf association. Riviera is the result of many years of selection for improved turf quality, cold tolerance, seed production, and disease resistance in the transition zone. The transition zone offers a unique weather pattern with periods of extreme cold, extreme heat, and drought. Bermuda grasses produced in the southwestern United States typically suffer from severe winter injury and cool-season grasses produced in the northwestern United States struggle with the summer's heat, drought, and disease pressure. Riviera was developed for the turf manager who wants to manage grass and not constantly replant his grass. Seed of Riviera is grown in northwestern Oklahoma, not a place that first comes to mind when you think Bermuda grass, at least not yet. Approximately 98% of the world's production of Bermuda grass is grown in southern California and Arizona. A region where temperatures typically range from 115 f to 40 f, humidity is low, and irrigation is readily available. In contrast, Oklahoma is the land of extremes. Temperatures range from 110 f with high humidity in the summer and reach below 0 f during the winter with extreme drought conditions. What does this mean to a turf manager? Everything, unless he lives in a glasshouse. A lot of other varieties make claims but Riviera has the history and data that ensures the turf manager his grass will perform year after year.

  • Choose this top-of-the line designed Bermuda grass seed
  • Perfect for golf courses, sports fields and home and commercial lawns
  • Drought tolerant and hardy in both extreme heat and cold
  • Stands up well to foot traffic
  • Non-GMO seeds contain no filler and have great germination rate

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