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KLEINGRASS (Panicum coloratum) Kleingrass is an introduced perennial, warm-season, bunchgrass that occurs mostly in the southwestern part of the United States,especially through the south and the Edwards Plateau region of Texas. The grass grows well on a variety of soil types, has good drought tolerance, however, cold tolerance limits its use in northern area. Kleingrass can reach heights of 2-4 feet tall under favorable soil and moisture conditions. Leaf blades are about 12 inches long and approximately 3/8 inch wide. Growth starts in early spring and continues throughout the summer. The abundant, leafy forage is palatable to cattle, however, it's toxic to sheep and horses. The forage makes good, quality hay if mowed before the stemy seed heads have formed. Successful plantings of Kleingrass have been made on many soil types. The species may be seeded alone or in mixture with other adapted grasses. It has been planted primarily in fallow cropland for permanent pasture or hay meadows. The seed provides a good food source for game birds and the foliage provides cover and shelter for small game birds such as quail and dove.

  • Warm Season Grass
  • 5 Bulk Pounds
  • Good drought Tolerance
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