The Dirty Gardener Sweet Pea Early Multiflora Flower Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

$ 8.99 


We love this affordable mix for meadows, gardens, greenhouses and greenways. Annual flowers. Blooms in mid-winter in warm climates and spring in cold climates. 5' - 6' tall. Full sun. 'Early multiflora blend' has a gorgeous and diverse range of colors including purple, red, rose, white, pink, blue, scarlet, cream, and salmon. These 1" - 2" flowers are mildly fragrant and your best bet for getting early blooms. In warm climates, they will bloom in the middle of winter if they are planted in the fall. In cold winter areas, they generally bloom for 3-5 weeks in spring and should be planted as soon as the ground can be worked in early spring. Please note that sweet peas are inedible and poisonous

  • A multicolored mix of early blooming sweet pea flowers
  • Vigorous fall and winter flower famous for their enticing scent
  • Wonderful in bouquets and dried flower arrangements
  • Easy to grow and requires little maintenance
  • Non-GMO seeds have great germination rates

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