The Dirty Gardener Andropogon Gerardii Big Bluestem Grass

The Dirty Gardener

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Bluestem is a great warm season native for multiple purposes. We at the Dirty Gardener love it for is native roots (literally) and because of its performance over time. Andropogon gerardii (A. furcatus) Native Herbaceous Perennial. Used for erosion control in sand and gravel pits, mine spoils, and roadsides; contributes to diversified biomass production; provides food and cover for wildlife, and is a high quality livestock forage. Andropogon gerardii, Big Bluestem is one of the more predominant species in the North American tallgrass prairie ecosystem. Native to North America, this warm season perennial grass is tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions and moisture levels. Big Bluestem produces a significant amount of biomass, and is gaining attention as a potential feedstock for alternative fuels, including pellets and cellulosic ethanol. When managed for biomass pellet feedstock, Big Bluestem should be mowed in the fall, as it has little ability to stand over the winter in many areas. Some research has shown Big Bluestem to consistently have lower ash than other dedicated energy crops.

  • Tall, strong grass which is perfect for prairies and meadows
  • Warm season seed which is native to the Great Plains
  • Easy to grow, requires little maintenance and has good germination rates

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