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Alternate name: Lanceleaf Tickseed Family: Asteraceae Description Native herbaceous perennial; self-seeds freely to form large colonies. Habit: clump-forming; slender, erect stems branch at base. Height: 4-24 in (10-60 cm) or more. Leaf: bright green, fine; in basal rosette, strap-like; on stem, fewer, opposite, may be lobed, mostly near the base; evergreen or semi-evergreen in some climates. Flower: daisy-like, terminal, 1-3 in (25-75 mm) wide; 8 wide rays, lemon yellow to gold, raggedly toothed, around a grainy, yellow to orange, button-shaped disc, 3/8-3/4 in (8-20 mm) wide. Fruit: dry seed, on thin flat wings, 1/8 in (3 mm) long. Flower Mar-Aug. Habitat Open sites with good drainage and rocky or sandy soil: dunes, dry woods, meadows, prairies, ditches, roadsides, old fields, disturbed sites; also widely cultivated as an ornamental. Discussion Also known as: tickseed, lanceleaf tickseed, long-stalk tickseed, sand tickseed, sand coreopsis. This plant is widely cultivated as an ornamental, many varieties and hybrids exist. The entire genus Coreopsis is the State Wildflower of Florida. A southern species, Greater Tickseed (C. major), 2-3' (60-90 cm) tall, has sunflower-like flower heads 1-2" (2.5-5 cm) wide and opposite leaves deeply segmented into 3 parts, appearing as a whorl of 6. Nearly a dozen other perennial yellow-flowered Coreopsis species occur in the East. Comments Lance-leaved coreopsis is drought tolerant and easy to grow. It is the most common coreopsis of the North American prairies. Exposure Preference Sun to partial sun. Native Distribution Florida to e. Texas & n. New Mexico, n. to Virginia, Ontario, Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri & Colorado; naturalized in n.e. states Site Preference Prairies; open fields; sandy woods; roadsides Soil Preference Sandy, gravelly soils.

  • Bulk Seed (lanceleaf coreopsis or tickseed)
  • Height from 4" to 24"
  • Flowers from March through August
  • Prefers full sun
  • Fast Shipping From The Dirty Gardener

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